The Heart’s Whispers

when we hear the whispers of the heart

prodding us to the depths of eventide’s end-

we simply mask

the glass threads

piercing  souls

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Haway Jaycee Pyaar (A Love Like The Wind)

I attempted to write a poem in urdu. I know many of the words are misspelled or not in correct sentence sequence, etc. but I love the urdu language and having both parents born and raised in Pakistan, I’ve come to love urdu poetic songs. The english translation is at the bottom. (Note: the poem is very simple).

Haway Jaycee Pyar

pyar dil jaisay hota hai,

jab toot jain,

haway jaycee ban jaati hain
dekh nai saaktay,
gul zaar ki ghar banaa nai saktay.

aapnay mujsay bola taa
jab ek baanda dosray sai mohabbat karta hain
vohi kaafe hain,
magar ab mujay apka pyaar pai
yakheen nai hain.
khuda ki liya,
mujhko maaf karla na

main to masoom hu.

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Did Not See

I wanted to laugh in his face-

he sat there,

on that too stiff, expensive leather chair

and told me

it was not my fault.

I laugh

because he did not have to see

the day  I cried for myself

while my sister cried for me.

He did not have to see

the spirit slowly dampen in my parent’s eyes

and wither away

in silence.

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Thank You…

I wanted to thank you
For being my
Best friend
Husband .
You are with me
In my darkest times
Thank you for
Being so patient
With me,
For still loving me
When I am at my worst.
I know I don’t always appreciate you
But one day I hope
To give you more love
And love you the way you love me.
Sometimes I become angry
at you 
but that is because I love you
with such passion
that it hurts me so much.
I’m sorry.
I hope you can forgive me.
And always know,
that no matter what
I will always love you. 

If I Was an Empty Shell…

If I was an empty shell

lone at sea

would the Black swans

hear my wail

bend their fine wings

to dip


the waves

to come searching for me?

Would the


force the sea apart

and brighten its

dim light

to scour

the currents

in search of me?

I think not.

The Black swans are flying home.

The Moon

is hidden

by night clouds.

And it seems

no one

is Awake

besides me


the deep dark