Haway Jaycee Pyaar (A Love Like The Wind)

I attempted to write a poem in urdu. I know many of the words are misspelled or not in correct sentence sequence, etc. but I love the urdu language and having both parents born and raised in Pakistan, I’ve come to love urdu poetic songs. The english translation is at the bottom. (Note: the poem is very simple).

Haway Jaycee Pyar

pyar dil jaisay hota hai,

jab toot jain,

haway jaycee ban jaati hain
dekh nai saaktay,
gul zaar ki ghar banaa nai saktay.

aapnay mujsay bola taa
jab ek baanda dosray sai mohabbat karta hain
vohi kaafe hain,
magar ab mujay apka pyaar pai
yakheen nai hain.
khuda ki liya,
mujhko maaf karla na

main to masoom hu.

apka mere meherban,
meri no jawan  ki jaan
kay saath mat kalna-
yaad rekhna,
raab aurat ki har aansoo koi ginta hain


english translation:

A Love Like the Wind…


Love is like the heart,

once it breaks,

it becomes like the wind-

you can no longer see it,

you cannot build a house of flowers with it.


you told me once,

that if one loves another,

it is enough.

But now,

I no longer believe in your love.

For God’s sake,

Forgive me.

I am naive.



I beg of you.

do not play

with my young and naive soul-


God counts a woman’s every tear.

5 thoughts on “Haway Jaycee Pyaar (A Love Like The Wind)

  1. Beautiful!
    Urdu is indeed a wonderful language. Do keep writing.
    A small correction if you don’t mind
    It should be (as far as I know)
    Hawa Jaisa pyar

    1. Thank you for the corrections! I will correct them. For ‘jaycee” it’s for females so I mixed it up with “jaisa” which would be used when referring to an object or something non human. And I don’t mind the corrections 🙂 I welcome them! thanks for reading.

      1. I understand the confusion. Once you start speaking and hearing people things become easier.Urdu is a beautiful language. It is wonderful that you are embracing your roots and writing in urdu as well.Keep it up! 🙂

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