High and Mighty

Poesy plus Polemics

surrealist man “Surrealist Man” Painting by Cristiano Siqueira From deviantart.com

he used to hang from the moon
stuff stars in his pockets
chase night from the face of the earth
hurl lightning bolts back to the cosmos

men clamored for his bold imprimatur
angels sat on his shoulders
together they gave righteous escort
protecting the driven and noble

he had powers electric invincible
wielded success like a truncheon
to instigate oomph in the abjectly timid
the dullards unblessed by ambition

then came cold reversal of fortune
disabling his ego with frissons of fear
felled by silence that amputates glory
prosthetic humility simply won’t fit

nothing sadder more tragic
than losing great pieces of self
nothing gladder more suiting
than hubris when brought to its knees

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