5 Things to Help Me Become a Better Writer

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5 things become a better writer

I read an article the other day on Writer’s Relief detailing five things that a writer can do this week to become a better writer. It was a very interesting read and got me thinking about my own improvement that needs to be done as a writer. I believe that I am a very good writer (at least I hope so) and that I have a lot to offer the literary world but I am not naïve or bold enough in my confidence to think that there isn’t always some way that I can become even better. In fact I think that I can stand to get a lot better, if in no other area but the sheer discipline of writing.

My routine has suffered dramatically in the last few years, due to many things, one of them being overcome with deep depression. I am trying to get back…

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I love the way you…

I feel comfort in your arms

and I love 

the way you breathe deeply on my neck

the way you snore-

a rumble from within-

disrupting the quiet night.

The way your eyes twinkle 

when you laugh

Oh if I took the twinkle 

and sold them as diamonds!