Bright Days

I loath

bright days

when the sun is

grinning from ear to ear

I loath bright days

when the breeze is


and the birds chirp

a joyous tune

I loath bright days

when I desire rain

to match

my crying



My Writing for an Online Publication.

Hello, everyone. I write for an online magazine called The Islamic Monthly. an award winning, nonreligious, nonpartisan, first-of-its-kind independent magazine, which has tens of thousands of readers in the US, and many more internationally. I thought I would share with my readers an interesting article I wrote and an interview I did with the first female Afghan pilot, Niloofar Rhmani. 1st Lt Rhmani made headlines earlier this May when she was the first female pilot in thirty years to graduate from the Afghan Air Force. Unfortunately, she is not receiving death threats from anonymous people. The article is right here: if you are interested. Please share! Thank you!