“Young and Beautiful”: A Poem

So I just watched the “Great Gatsby” movie in theaters, ¬†yesterday. I read the book Sophomore year in high school and was pleasantly surprised that the movie very closely reflected the book. The motifs and symbols “green light,” “valley of ashes,” and “eyes of God” were all thoroughly included in the movie and a big part of the movie. Anyway, below is a poem which includes one of the themes of Great Gatsby and has a reflection of Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful” (from the “Great Gatsby” soundtrack).

Young and Beautiful:

her name was Lily.

her laughter

was a soft jingle of bells,

sung through the air,

among the clink of champagne bottles

and between dancers’ aching

feet and souls.

men in suits

smiled in delight

at her

little golden dress

the older women

smiled sadly

at her

careless youth.

She was as bright and beautiful

as the pearls that

hung around her neck.

Her mother one day said

“Lily, your life will be empty

if you do not remain

a young and beautiful fool.”