NaNoWriMo Update #2

Okay so quick update. I am very,very behind but that is not new news. The WONDERFUL news is that I am getting great story ideas that I will wait until Dec. to come back and add in and revise and all that grueling work and dirty stuff.

Anyway, hope to make it to 12,500 by tonight.


NaNoWriMo Update.

So, I am at 10, 163 words and yes, I do have a long way to go and my fingers are killing! me, but I KNOW I can do this! I don’t expect to finish by the end of Nov. More like Dec 15ish? (Although I am going on vacation Dec 13th so if I don’t finish my novel by then, I will have to finish it when I come home). But still I am optimistic! I did not expect to make it this far, and without Nanowrimo, I honestly would not have gotten a solid start. So stay tuned with me fellow Wrimos! There is still a long battle ahead of us and I don’t intend to give up just yet!


Bye for now!

She Loved the Rain…

She loved the rain.

She could hear the rain pitt-pattering against the windows. She was still in bed, buried under old blankets once belonging to a new bride from twenty years ago. She could smell the scent of the musky orchid perfume the bride had worn on her wedding day, still lingering in the sheets. 

She pushed the sheets off of her and crawled out of bed. She went to the open windows and welcomed the rain gently kissing her cheeks. The slight, misty breeze swept away a few strands of hair from her forehead. 

The woman brushed her teeth and ate some toast with tea. She prayed one whiff of her dead mother’s Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume and laid down on her bed. She felt comfort in the nostalgic scent of the bed sheets and the cherry blossom perfume.  

She staggered out of bed, feeling restless. She went to the open windows again and gazed at the trees collecting the rain. The skies were grey, but the air clear. She saw a few black birds in the distance. Two children were walked down the street with a woman. The children, delighted,  put their hands out and face toward the sky as in prayer. They let the rain rest on their exposed tongues. The woman with the children laughed and hugged the two children.

She smiled as tears and rain drops ran down her cheeks. She closed the windows.




It’s bad.

So I am procrastinating big time. I looked at the stats of my NANOWRIMO project and at this rate, I’ll finish by June something. Of course, I plan to finish wayyy before that, but editing the book and everything will probably take until June because I have school and everything that’s getting in my way. Anyhow, for anyone who is doing NANOWRIMO how are y’all doing? I looked at some blog posts and it seems everyone’s doing pretty good! I should probably stop blogging and go get my book finished. 


Bye for now! 

Hello world!

This blog is dedicated to my (and your!) writing. I will post my poems, short stories, essays, etc on this blog and I encourage you, the reader, to share your writings with me and the rest of the world, too! I would really like your feedback on my writing as I am a novice. Humans often do not stop and contemplate life, nature, the Earth. Ways to do this is through dance, music, art, and writing. This is what my blog is all about. I am also doing this project called National Novel Writing Month: So I will post y daily endeavors and excerpts of my novel.

Thank you and happy reading and writing!